Looking for a Vehicle Radar Detector? We can supply and install detectors for customers in and around Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties.

Are you looking to install a detector within your vehicle? If this is the case, at Ian Bannings we provide a wide range of  detector which includes SNOOPER Satellite Navigation, Speed Camera Location and Traffic Information Detection. If you are looking for an experience company for your installation, we have been operating for over 30 years and our team have fitted in many for customers all over Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties.  Due to our extensive knowledge, skills and expertise within the industry, we are the leading specialist in state-of-the-art multimedia, vehicle security, in-car multimedia & satellite navigation systems in the South-East. Furthermore, our team provide professional installations for any type of vehicle which includes cars, caravans and motorhomes, as well as marine craft. You can be assured that we will meet all of your needs and together we will find the best Vehicle Radar Detector for you.  If you are interested and require a Vehicle Radar Detector installation, please contact us today for more information.

Why should you choose Ian Bannings for your Vehicle Radar Detector?

At Ian Bannings we have a wide range of detectors and supply and install the following;

SNOOPER Satellite Navigation:
Recognised as the industry leader in digital street level mapping, Snooper Sat Nav uses Navteq data to ensure you are taken seamlessly from A to B on the best possible route.

SNOOPER Speed Camera Location:
Snooper satellite navigation systems have the added benefit of being able to be updated 24hrs a day 365, on all existing and new speed cameras. It covers Gats os, MCS, Truvelo, Watchman, DS2, Speedcurb, SPECs average speed cameras at roadworks, Mobile laser sites, mobile camera van sites, accident hotspots, and high risk zones including schools.

What are the benefits of having a Vehicle Radar Detector?

– Radar detector users, on average, drive 73,952 miles further between accidents, than non radar detector users.
– 75% of users claim to be more aware of keeping to the speed limit since they purchased a detector.
– Users claim to travel 50% further between accidents than nonusers.
– 60% of users claim to have become a safer driver since purchasing a radar detector.
– 75% of users have become more speed aware since purchasing a radar detector.

Contact Ian Bannings today if you require more information on our Vehicle Radar Detector.

If you are interested in our Vehicle Radar Detector and require an installation today, please call our customer services team on 01483 301500, as they would be more than happy to help with any queries you might have. Alternatively, you can request a FREE callback, FREE brochure or FREE quotation online at www.banningsonline.com.